Official antigen rapid test for corona

The office work corona test is an official rapid test. The test is reliable and offers a few important advantages:

On-site analysis

Waiting time is minimal thanks to the on-site analysis. An employee who has tested negative can start working after just 15 minutes.

High reliability

The test has a high reliability. A negative result gives the green light to start working. It remains important to observe the basic measures.

Trained professionals

The antigen rapid test for working in the office is administered by trained professionals. They know the guidelines and have experience with testing.

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Corona rapid test: results within 15 minutes

The corona test for office work can be analyzed directly on site. This takes a maximum of 15 minutes, after which it is clear whether someone is carrying the virus. Is the result negative? The employee can start work. Is the result positive? The employee must be tested at the GGD to have the positive result checked.

The test does not have to go to a lab first. This speeds up the rate at which the result is available. This makes it possible to test employees upon arrival. After a short period of approximately 15 minutes, the result is known and a non-infected employee can start immediately.

Frequently asked questions for companies

Yes. On request, will come to your company location with the necessary test materials as soon as possible to test your employees on Covid-19. Depending on your requirements, we can perform a one-off preventive screening or a periodic test session on Covid-19. With our approved rapid tests, your employees are tested quickly and accurately, so that your business continuity is guaranteed.

Yes, at Test Snel Covid it is possible to purchase a subscription to Covid-19 antigen rapid tests. We deliver tailor-made solutions, tailored to the number of employees to be tested and the frequency of testing. You create a safe working environment and you save on the costs of replacing employees who cannot work due to quarantine. Inquire about the possibilities.

If the test result is negative, the employee did not have a corona at the time of testing. He or she no longer has to stay at home according to the guidelines of the national government. The tested person only needs to (remain) in quarantine if a housemate or direct contact has tested positive for corona, or has corona complaints. Or that the test person returns from a risk area (orange or red).

Testing an individual employee takes approximately 10 minutes, followed by a test result within a few minutes. It depends on the number of employees to be tested, how much time the total test session takes. In principle, you have the results of all your tested employees on the same day.

Test Snel Covid only works with reliable tests that have been approved by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the RIVM. Our quick tests on corona carry the CE mark, which indicates that they meet all requirements. They are performed by a trained professional.

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Corona test for office work

The corona test for office work is available inexpensively and gives the results quickly. It is the best way to ensure safety in the office. Prevent infected employees from infecting others. Create a safe workplace with the office workplace antigen rapid tests available.

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